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Cool balloon picture 43941Title: Wearables Vol. 1
Creator: Bonnie, The Balloon Lady

Description: This is a collage of all the hats on the CD. The CD is a collection of PDF files totalling 118 pages (That is if I counted correctly). The PDF files include a cover sheet as well as intro sheet for those of you that would like to print them out and have a book to thumb through. For my first CD, I decided to share with you some of the designs that I use the mostÖ Hats! Of all the things I know how to twist, hats seem to get the biggest and best reactions time and time again. As one of my restaurant customers described it, itís like seeing a puppet show being played out all over the restaurant. Balloon hats bobbing and waving. Young and those young at heart laughing and having a great time. Bookings from people I havenít even twisted anything for because they see the fun going on and want that at their next event. More generous amounts of folding green stuff to take home and count at the end of a shift. To my way of thinking, ya just canít get any better than that........... All of the hats on this CD I regularly twist at birthday parties and all of my restaurants. However, I have included one that I will only twist when my shift is slow or the party is small. Included on the CD are: Ocean Hat(s), Blue Bird Hat, Squid Hat, Cyclops Thingy, Penguin Hat(s), Cobra Hat, Rooster Hat(s), Hen Hat, Turkey Hat(s), Mr. Chubs, Goofy Bird Hat, and Twisty Sweetheart Hat. Iíve listed 12 titles but a few of them have more than one design or idea under the same title............ For prices and ordering info please go to:

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Mammals (non-human)
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