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Cool balloon picture 80770Title: Bracelets by Bonnie, The Balloon Lady
Creator: Bonnie, The Balloon Lady

Description: Summer time is here and so is "Bracelets by Bonnie, The Balloon Lady". Bracelets are a staple to my repertoire especially during outside twisting events. These bracelets use 3 - 4 balloons each............. This instructional CD is in a printable PDF format. All 22 instructions come complete with step-by-step, full color photos.............. The CD contains instructions for: Flying and Perching Bluebirds, Butterfly, Cardinal, Chicken on Nest, Croc Hatchling, Darning Needle, Flying Dragon, Dragon Hatchling, Ducky, "Print" Fish, Tail Fish, Wading Hippo, Nessie, Orca (killer whale), Perching Owl, Pterodactyl, Red Wasp, Spider, Black Swan, Kissing Swans, and a White Swan........ All but one of these bracelets are quick enough to make during my regular restaurant & Bday twisting............ The price is $25 USD (e-mailed or to US mailing address). Add $5 handling charges for CDs mailed outside of the US........ For prices and ordering info please go to:

Photo ID: 80770

Photographer: same

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